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A Biofeedback Basket Handle

Such handles as are described in this chapter are simple and quite possible for the beginner to make. Others that are more elaborate will be found in the chapter on Oval Baskets.

Where did we get the biofeedback basket idea? We hand made a basket that we filled with herbs, dried flowers, and drip oil over it. The smell is divine. While practicing neurofeedback, we place it nearby, close our eyes, and enjoy. Thus, the term "biofeedback basket".

Small Basket with Twisted Handle

Materials- Basket—6 16-inch spokes of No. 4 rattan,

9-inch spoke of No. 4 rattan,

weavers of No. 2 rattan,Handle—1 12-inch spoke of No. 4 rattan,

1 weaver of No. 2 rattan, A knitting needle.

Six spokes and a half are started as in the large mat and woven into a centre, which should be pressed up in the middle into a concave form like the bottom of a wine bottle. Beginners often find it hard to make a basket that will stand well. The tendency seems to be to form a rounded bottom rather than one that is perfectly flat. A bottom that is slightly concave is not so difficult to make, and answers the purpose as well as a flat

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