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This illustrates the way in which small baskets are held while weaving the side«


straight sides make pretty candy baskets, especially when they are dyed or stained attractively; see Chapter XII.

Stand for Pens and Pencils with Open Border No. I

Materials: 4 14-inch spokes of No. 4 rattan, 1 8-inch spoke of No. 4 rattan, 2.5 weavers of No. 2 rattan.

Any child who has successfully made the mats and baskets already described will be able to form this stand and it will interest him to see how useful it will be on someone's desk.

After weaving a centre almost two and a quarter inches in diameter, the spokes are turned sharply upward, and the weaving of the sides is begun; this will be a little harder than the weaving of the first two baskets because the sides should be kept perfectly straight all the way up. To do this there must be an even pressure on the weaver, neither too tight nor too loose, and the spokes must be kept the same distance apart from the bottom to the top. The spoke material being heavier than in the other baskets helps to keep the sides firm. Two weavers and part of a third are used; the edge is then bound off and Open Border No. 1 finishes it.

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